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Our Clients

PT. Mella Paint is a private company established in 2010 and dedicated in the manufacturing of various types of paint with its brand name MORRIS.

Our factory is located in Tangerang - Banten. As the demand in local market for decorative paint keeps growing, we are constantly producing various types of paints to meet customers requirements.

In addition to paints manufacturing, our main expertise is providing floor coating services and a contractor in building services and maintenance.

In 1998, we set up a company under the banner of PT. Sarana Berkat Transindo that currently is acting as general supplier and general contractor for our paint products, especially Epoxy Floor Coating.

In 2000, under the name of CV. Total Sterno, we also produce Sterno Jelly, Sterno Pasta and its refills to supply Hotels, Caterings and Restaurants in and outside of Jakarta.

We are committed to become a leading paint service company in Indonesia. Therefore, we always prioritize on maintaining an excellent quality of our products and services.

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Our Services

PT. Mella Paint have been manufacturing and supplying paint to a variety of industries, including:

Automotive and Motor Vehicle Industry

Industrial Manufacturing

Furniture Industry

Steel Construction


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PT. Sarana Berkat Transindo as General Supplier and General Contractor. Our jobs include:

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Injection

Grouting Injection

Water Proofing

CV. Total Sterno produces Sterno Jelly, Sterno Pasta and refills for:


Catering Services


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